About Us 

We're a diverse team of innovative professionals that really care about the health of people. We use our expertise to build products and deliver services to help the population live safer, healthier, and more productive lives. 

Tammy McMiller, Co-Founder and CEO 

Tammy is a digital enthusiast and industry recognized for using data and innovative strategies to increase market competitiveness for enterprises. Her data philosophy and commitment to customer experience is recognized by leading organizations like Forrester and J. D. Power. Her work reaches millions of consumers everyday.  


Tammy’s  industry exposure includes: Life Sciences, Financial Services, Telecom, Travel & Tourism, Government, Nonprofit, and Cultural Institutions. Her organizational exposure includes: Allstate, Discover Financial Services, Motorola, Baxter International, Orbitz, The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, and The Field Museum. 


She is also a sought-after speaker and lecturer at premier colleges and universities, and leverages her talents to help private and educational institutions develop social impact strategies. 

Tammy has a  Masters degree in Business and Law from Loyola University School of Law. 

Eric A. McMiller II, Co-Founder, President and CIO 

Eric is an Information Technology and Cyber Security professional having led large teams to complete complex data and software development projects for national government agencies like: The National Security Agency- NSA and The Department of Defense- DoD. He is versed in Network, Security, Data Management, Product Development, and Software Development. His innovative work is used to help support the Nation's security and technology advancement goals.


Eric has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology and Cyber Security from the United States Military Academy- West Point