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What's new at Plan Heal?  

See how we've been using data to  help people live safer, healthier, and more productive lives. 

Plan Heal's CEO - Featured Speaker at Women In Cloud and IBM Event 

Plan Heal selected to feature the Plan Heal Smart Health Assessment at the Women In Cloud and IBM leading women in tech series. 

Tammy McMiller, CEO of Plan Heal: Our mission is to use tech for good to help people live safer, healthier, and more productive lives. We appreciate partnerships and support from forward thinking organizations like Women In Cloud and IBM that allow us to share our story and partner with us to realize our audacious goals. See her demo presentation here

Plan Heal Chosen as Finalist - Global Competition 

Plan Heal was chosen as a finalist for the Microsoft Women In Cloud and United Nations General Assembly's competition. 

Tammy McMiller, CEO of Plan Heal: We are honored to participate in such an important event and highly-selective program. We continue to foster meaningful relationships with select organizations that align with our company's mission- to help people live safer, healthier, and more productive lives. 

Plan Heal Produced a Health Awareness Movie 

Better, a Plan Heal production, debuts an emotional and motivating documentary film about two women's journeys through the US healthcare system to Better health. 

$55B of the $3.8T healthcare spend last year was allocated to pay for undetected and misdiagnosed diseases during routine medical visits. 

20 the average number of minutes spent with a doctor to talk about the most important topic in your life--your health. 

Plan Heal Partners with Vaccinate4Love to Combat COVID-19 

Plan Heal joins a strategic partnership with the nation's leading doctors and organizations of  Vaccinate4Love to increase vaccinations in NYC. 

Plan Heal Partners with the United Nations to Increase Access to Good Health and Wellbeing 

Plan Heal is partnering with the United Nations to host a series of symposium talks to increase national participation to reach global quality of life health goals by year 2030.

Plan Heal Research- Is Your Doctor Your Friend? 

Plan Heal conducted research to understand the state of the patient and doctor relationship.

We asked this question: If you named the 10 most important people/relationships in your life, would your doctor be on the list?


What we discovered is for most of us, our relationship with our doctors are transactional. 

86% - Plan Heal research participants did not consider their doctor to be a friend.

13% - Felt their relationship with their doctor was a top 10 relationship.