A Plan Heal and United Nations Partnership

In partnership with the United Nations Association, Plan Heal is hosting a Health and Wellness Symposium Series that support Plan Heal's mission and the United Nation Association's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The series features forums and talks with leading topic experts, nonprofits, policy makers, healthcare organizations, startup founders, and advocates. 


Chicago Water Week- October 1, 2020

Event Partner

Chicago Water Week Anchored by Current- Chicago's Water Hub 

Discussion Title: 

Water Access for Urban Food Production and Sovereignty 



Plan Heal invites you to join an important and engaging conversation about water access and urban food production. The guest panel will include a diverse mix of leaders from United Nations- ChicagoBig Green Chicago, and Advocates for Urban Agriculture


Panelists will engage questions from audience viewers and discuss: 

-Global Water Sustainability Goals- Data Share  

-How Water Access Helps Some Chicagoans Access Fresh Produce   

-Water Advocacy to Support Urban Farmers 


Moderator and Panel Members 

Moderator: Tammy McMiller, Co-Founder & CEO, Plan Heal 



-Magdalena  Zlatkova, President, United Nations of Chicago 

-Sam Koentopp, Program Manager, Big Green Chicago 

-Ilana Marder-Epstein, Program Coordinator, Big Green Chicago 

-Sean Ruane, Executive Director, Advocates for Urban Agriculture 

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